Allnutrition Zinc Forte – 120 tabs

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ALLNUTRITION ZINC FORTE is intended for all physically active people, especially those who want to ensure their health and a properly functioning organism.

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ZINC FORTE are tablets delivering a very important mineral – zinc.

Zinc is a trace element, necessary for the proper functioning of the human organism. Since we do not have the possibility of endogenous synthesis of this microelement, we must take care of its appropriate supply from the diet.

Zinc participates in carbohydrate metabolism, glucose utilisation and insulin production. It is an essential mineral for most metabolic processes in the body. It plays a very important role in maintaining correct acid-base balance, in maintaining correct cognitive functions, correct DNA synthesis and helps to maintain correct testosterone level in blood. Ensures normal function of the prostate and reproductive organs. It helps to maintain proper vision and immune system, as well as supports the protection of cells against oxidative stress. It also has a significant effect on the health of the skin, bones, and mucous membranes, and has immunomodulating properties used in the prevention and treatment of viral infections. ALLNUTRITION ZINC Forte.

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