Allnutrition Whey Delicious – 2270 grams

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Proteinis an extremely complex organic structure composed of amino acids that forms about 20% of the human body by weight and is one of the primary nutrients. With such a complex and intricate structure, proteins are involved in almost all processes inside the human body.

ALLNUTRITION Whey Delicious Protein supplements your diet with protein, improves post-workout regeneration and tastes great thanks to its many flavours. It mixes well, dissolves easily and the consistency of the ready-to-eat portion is perfectly creamy and completely lump free.

This makes ALLNUTRITION Whey Delicious Protein a perfect ingredient in many delicious fit desserts and bakes, an ideal base for delicious wholesome and nutritious shakes.

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ALLNUTRITION Whey Delicious Protein is a high-protein supplement based on whey protein concentrate and isolate with buttermilk in a dry, concentrated form to give it a delicious light and milky taste. Developed for active people, regardless of their level of sport participation. Or maybe you are an avid cook and want to ensure a healthy diet for yourself and your family? ALLNUTRITION Whey Delicious Protein can be an excellent ingredient in many fit desserts and baked products, adding variety to their taste and enriching the daily diet with high-quality protein.

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