Profi Mass – 2500 grams

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A new definition of building a muscular and well-sculpted silhouette has been established – follow pure muscle mass!

A professional supplement increasing fat-free muscle mass gain. It is based on a complex of advanced composite carbohydrates, and uses long-chain maltodextrins as well as perfect large-particle waxy maize starch, with low glycemic indices. The carbohydrate base has been additionally complemented with an advanced protein formula, containing a matrix of perfectly assimilated whey protein concentrate, isolate and hydrolysate combined with slow-absorbing exclusive micellar casein. An ideal ratio of full-value proteins and complex carbohydrates, ensuring an optimum gain of fat-free body mass, has been enriched with isomaltulose, MCT oil, L-glutamine, taurine and a complex of the most essential vitamins.
Profi Mass composition ensures mutual synergy of all ingredients to provide the maximum anabolic effect at the minimum level of body fatness.

Profi Mass will ensure maximum gain of fat-free muscle mass!

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Weight 3,17 kg

Banana, Chocolate, Strawberry, Vanilla


Olimp Nutrition


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