Allnutrition NAC – 90 caps

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  • NAC is essential for making the powerful antioxidant glutathione
  • NAC plays an important role in your body’s detoxification proccess
  • NAC supports kidney and liver conditions
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ALLNUTRITION NAC or N-acetyl L-cysteine is a modified form of cysteine attached to the acetyl group. Cysteine – one of the endogenous amino acids (i.e. those that the body can synthesize itself), containing sulfur. Due to its specific structure, it is a very reactive amino acid, binds many toxic substances, and therefore is helpful in detoxification processes. L-cysteine (along with glutamine and glycine) is also essential in the synthesis of glutathione – a strong intracorporeal antioxidant. It also takes part in the synthesis of proteins, enzymes and coenzymes.

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