JNX Sports The Curse! 250 grams

239,00 kr.

With a world-wide cult following, The Curse! needs no introduction. Now the power of The Curse! has been amplified with a new look and more delicious flavors to choose from.

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Experience the unstoppable force of The Curse! as it unleashes insane energy, savage strength, massive muscle pumps, and unwavering mental focus. This extraordinary supplement pushes you beyond the boundaries of ordinary human endurance, leaving you craving for more.  Prepare to revolutionize your workouts with The Curse! and tap into your true potential. Embrace the supernatural power of this remarkable product and witness a transformation like never before. Get ready to redefine your limits with The Curse!

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Weight 0,325 kg

Orange Mango, Tropical Storm, Watermelon, Lemon Rush, Dark Grape, Pina Colada, Blue Raspberry, Fruit Punch, Green Apple, Peach Rings, Pineapple Shred


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