BioTechUSA Fenugreek – 60 caps

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Natural plant extract, encapsulated
Thanks to its capsule form, BioTechUSA Fenugreek is easy to use and take with you anywhere during the day. The packaging contains capsules for 30 days, so even a monthly cure-like application can be easily accomplished.
What does BioTechUSA Fenugreek contain?

One serving (2 mega capsules):
1500 mg fenugreek seed extract

Why do we recommend the product BioTechUSA Fenugreek?
natural plant extract
for 30 days

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Fenugreek is a plant native to the Mediterranean and Western Asia, which is popular in the Chinese, Greek, Egyptian and Indian medicine. Its use goes back to ancient times, for example it was used by the Egyptians for embalming, while other peoples used it as grind and tea even in those days to help maintain health and facilitate digestion. In addition, due to its versatility and sweetness, it is a popular ingredient in many national cuisines. In the Middle East, its leaves and seeds are used to flavour traditional foods, for example it is the indispensable ingredient of curry in India, but it is also often used to make bread and tea. And because of its intense, sweet scent, it is often used by Americans to replace maple syrup.

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