Nutrend Creaport – 600 grams

119,00 kr.

Intended for:

  • Recovery improvement when other sources of carbohydrates are refilled
  • Strength increase
  • High-intensity training athletes
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A premium creatine product comprising five different forms of creatine, together with the ideal form of carbohydrate, primarily developed to effectively improve recovery and to supplement glycogen after intensive physical activity. The effect and stability of each of these forms of creatine is slightly different and because of this combination CREAPORT is more efficient than standard single-creatine products. Creatine is a nitrogenous compound which is found predominantly in skeletal muscles in the body and its level decreases during intensive physical activity. Using CREAPORT before physical activity, you can increase your strength and muscle work in short-term performance of high intensity through the intake of creatine. A positive effect can be achieved by the intake of at least 3 grams of creatine per day. The efficiency of CREAPORT is also enhanced by its content of L-glutamine and taurine. To enhance its effect, we recommend using it in the so-called creatine cycles.
2000 mg Taurine per serving
1000 mg L-glutamine per serving
5 forms of creatine (creatine monohydrate – CREAPURE, creatine pyruvate, creatine ethyl ester HCI, tricreatine malate, creatine monohydrate – Kre-Alkalyn)

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