Bio-Kult Candea – 60 caps

169,00 kr.

Contains milk and soy, used in the fermentation process. Content of milk is at a level that would not affect lactose intolerant sufferers
Made in the UK.

Bio-Kult Candéa contains:
Seven probiotic strains
Garlic and grapefruit extract. These are also proven to be compatible with the probiotics in Bio-Kult Candéa.

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Bio-Kult Candéa is a probiotic supplement with added garlic and grapefruit extract.

Can be stored at room temperature without the need for refrigeration.
Total bacteria count viable until end of shelf life.
Suitable for children and pregnant women (we would always suggest consulting your doctor or  healthcare practitioner before taking any food supplement).
Non-GMO and Gluten free.

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