Allnutrition 3-Creatine Malate 1250 XtraCaps – 360 caps

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The effect of using 3-CREATINE MALATE XTRACAPS is an increased reserve of creatine in the muscles in the form of phosphocreatine, which translates into a higher number of repetitions and sets during workouts. In muscle cells, creatine enters the mitochondria, where it transforms into phosphocreatine, and then is responsible for the transfer of ATP in the body. As a result, it allows you to maintain a high level of training intensity, in particular strength and endurance training. The use of ALLNUTRITION 3-CREATINE MALATE accelerates the growth of lean body mass thanks to its anabolic effect, and also reduces the breakdown of muscle tissue (catabolism).

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3-CREATINE MALATE XTRACAPSis a combination of a creatine molecule with malic acid. This form is characterized by much better solubility than the classic monohydrate. People using creatine malate describe its action as a support in building muscle mass and strength, without the water retention effect. It is used by endurance athletes, bodybuilders during cutting, and fighters.

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